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“Through 8-10 years of being involved with BeyondFaith Home and Hospice with Dad, Mom and Tom everyone has given us love, care, prayers, and they do their best to keep everyone out of pain. Not just the patient, but the family also.

Beyond Faith is not just a business, they all became family.
Thank you all for what you do for our loved ones in their final days on earth. “

“Sharon made Tom comfortable and treated him like a best friend. He really looked forward to seeing her so they could have their “talks”. She always answered my questions honestly and offered way more than we expected. She really is amazing.

Little Bit made Tom extremely happy at bath time. He was very reluctant to have someone bathe him, but she was extremely nonchalant about him and very soon she was making him laugh.

Tracy was our final nurse. We woke her up in the middle of one night twice, and she always came quickly with a smile on her face.
Our Social Worker and Chaplain were very pleasant. Tom enjoyed visiting with them and they were very courteous.

You have an extremely amazing group, and I understand perfectly why they chose their professions in the medical field.
Thank you so much. I will never forget their help, kindness and sincerity for us.
God Bless All of You!”

“We were very blessed to have such a wonderful group of people to help us through this tough journey. Everyone went above and beyond to help my sister and my family with anything that we needed. We could not have asked for more loving, caring, helpful people. They made my family more familiar with what was going on and what to expect. We will forever love and be grateful to all of you for your care, love and support for not only our loved one, but our entire family.

All of your nurses were truly amazing, all of the people over the phone were amazing… anytime we needed anything, it was taken care of immediately. We could not have asked for better care or a better group of people.

May God Bless you all as he has us with each of you.
Thank you again for everything, we absolutely love each of you.”

old lady and caregiver

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