Our Owners

President, Co-Owner

Kelly Seales, RN

Kelly Seales has been a Registered Nurse for 31 years and has worked in HomeHealth/Hospice for 30 of those.  She has served in various roles: field RN, management, & regional positions.  Kelly has worked primarily for large corporations that she says, “the bottom line seemed to be more important than patient care,” thus one of the many reasons behind the motivation to start her own company.  

In 2003, Kelly decided to take a Leap of Faith and open her own agency knowing that she could create a company where patient care was the main priority. Knowing that if patients came first that the company would be blessed with business taking care of the bottom line. 20 years later BeyondFaith is not only still standing but flourishing after staying true to Kelly’s original vision and mission.  

Kelly says her mission “is to create a work environment where it is not just a job for our employees, but a place they can come and express their labor of love to our patients and families. Healthcare is hard and especially Hospice. We deal with death and dying on a daily basis. It is imperative that we lead our staff with grace and love in a Christ like manner.”

She goes on to add, “I have lots of personal goals, too many to list but mainly to wake up each day and be the best person I can and always be a positive light in someone's day. We are too hard on each other as humans. We never know what the person in front of you is going thorough. Love one another.”

In the next phase of BeyondFaith, Kelly is focused on growth goals, quality of care and staffing. 

In Kelly’s personal time, she loves spending time with family. She has 3 children who are all grown with 2 precious granddaughters. She and her husband Greg, of whom she has been married to for 30 years, love to travel with their close net of friends and she shares, “I want to experience as many things and places before the Lord calls me home.


Becky Richardson, RN, BSN

Becky Richardson began her career as a Registered Nurse in the year 2000 and started her journey in home health with BeyondFaith Homecare in Lubbock TX by taking weekend on call.    During that time, she met her future business partner Kelly Seales and in 2003 became an official owner of BeyondFaith Homecare & Rehab. She states, “Through HIM I saw home health virtually grow over the majority of Texas.  I was privileged to lead and own that company that eventually sold in 2017.”  Becky now co-owns and leads BeyondFaith Hospice and offices out of Graham, TX.  Becky passionately believes in making decisions that purposely serves the patients and their families as if they were our own family members.  She states “sometimes what we do in healthcare doesn’t make sense, but when we do the right thing by the patient it doesn't always have to make sense, it’s what we were designed to do”

Becky states, “Now my goal is to show the world that hospice is not to be feared.  Hospice is truly, simply beautiful.  Just as giving birth to a baby is celebrated, we should recognize death is beyond beautiful and hospice can help assist with this journey.”  Becky says, her mission is to create a company that people genuinely believe they are a part of something larger than themselves, and they truly make a difference in what surrounds them.  Becky works passionately to rise others to find their hidden talents and God-given passions.  

Becky has been married to her husband & best friend Tracy for almost 30 years and they reside in Bryson, TX.  Together they share two beautiful daughters, Bayley & Brinkley and the official BeyondFaith Hospice fur baby, Murphy.  When she is not running a hospice company, she enjoys being with her family, traveling, time at the lake soaking up much needed rest & relaxation and loves to read for hours.  

Administrator Co-Owner – Wichita Falls

Mitzi Thomas, RN

Mitzi earned her nursing degree from Tarleton State University in the Spring of 1998 and now celebrates 25 years within this field. She began her nursing career in labor and delivery and later transitioned to home health when she met & joined Becky Richardson in 2005 to help with the startup of the Graham home health location. 

Mitzi says both her personal & professional mission is, “To make disciples of many, as we are called to do. This begins with my team.  Love and appreciation create a ripple effect that are passed on to our patients and their families as well as all of the support staff involved in the patient's care.”

Shortly after the startup of the Graham location, she accepted the opportunity to grow & advance the Wichita Falls Home Health/Hospice market in early 2007, and later became a partner and administrator over that location until BeyondFaith sold its Home Health division in 2017.  Mitzi has continued to serve as the hospice administrator and partner within that market for BeyondFaith.  She says, “As we grew in the home health industry, we saw the need of continuing that care through end of life for our patients and their families.”

Mitzi says, “I believe God allowed me to go through my own personal hospice experience with my beloved grandmother to not only teach me how to lead and provide for my hospice team, but to share His love in such a way that eases the stresses many feel when faced with the decision of hospice care.”  She goes onto say, “To be able to provide the care and comfort for the patient and their family that they may not even realize they need in the midst of such a difficult time of life and to know we are making that kind of difference in the lives of others is the greatest success one can achieve.” 

Mitzi’s hope is that her team knows her heart and her mission to love others well and that they are inspired to be a better version of themselves each day working together being God's hands and feet.

She shares her life with her soulmate and husband, Tony and their two beautiful children, Maci and Dylan. She enjoys spending her days off at the lake and soaking up as much family time as possible.